Cooking classes

Cooking does not consist only in cutting ingredients, putting them in a pan and being careful not to burn them.

Cooking is also choosing the ingredients, handling them with care and combining them in the best way.

Understanding cooking techniques to bring out the flavors.

But also understanding what we eat every day, choosing better alternatives and, why not, saving some money without giving up on quality.


Gather your family and friends afound the fire

and make tasty dishes with meat, but not only!

carne sulla griglia

Cooking with kids

Who said that only adults can have fun in the kitchen?

Finally a course suitable fr the kids!

bambini che fanno la pasta

Household cooking

Rediscover and improve your cooking learning how to:

…identify the smell and the aroma of high quality ingredients.

…properly treat food paying attention to hygiene and health.

…use your imagination and creativity in the kitchen.

…learn how to recreate the recipes from your faily tradition.

cucina casalinga

Secrets of fresh pasta

Egg and flour are the basis to make the best fresh pasta of our tradition.