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Our products are the result of passionate research and rediscover of traditional recipes and shapes. But each household has its own interpretation of recipes therefore also our recipes were adapted and customized to convey the memories and the feelings of old times recipes to as many people as possible.

Pasta is exclusively handmade and we pay the utmost attention to the choice of the highest quality ingredients but also to hygiene and health.

And … they are also good! As our customer said for 30 years.


Round cappelletti is a traditional type of pasta from San Marino and its surroundings. You can tell them apart from other types of capelletti because of their aspect: they look like small ravioli, but round and smooth.

They are meant to be served in broth and their raw meat filling will flavor both vegetable and meat broth.

Compared to tortellini and tortellini a cappello they have a more delicate taste and they are more nourishing, as the filling is cooked only one time.


Cheese cappelletti

Cheese cappelletti, just like tortellini a cappello, are inspired from Romagna tradition.

In this case the filling is a cheese cream wrapped in priest hat shaped pasta.

Cheese cappelletti are meant to be served in broth, but they taste good with any kind of sauce, like meat or fish, but especially with vegetable sauce. Or why not with mushrooms?

cappelletti di formaggio

Cappellini delle feste

Cappellini delle feste (literally holiday cappelletti) were born when I stumbled upon raviggiolo cheese.

It was still the tradional raviggiolo cheese, made only with goat milk. I immediately grew fond of it and started thinking about the best combination of ingredients to make a new filling and a new type of pasta.

A the beginning we used to make them only for Easter and Christmas, therefore the name. But the by popular demand, we started making them all year.

These cappellini are made according to Romagna tradition: a small ball of filling is placed on top of a tiny square of pasta that is then folded in the shape of a traditional priest’s hat. Of all our fillings, this one’s taste resembles the most to the traditional sammarinese cappelletto.

cappelletti delle feste

Light ravioli

Ravioli are known by many names: agnolotti, panzarotti or tortelli. It is a traditional filled pasta that belongs to the culture of many countries, regions and households… each one with its peculiar recipe and shape.

Our ravioli have a creamy savoury filling where the traditional tastes and flavos of our country revolve around spinach and ricotta cheese.

The filling is wrapped in fresh pasta, thin but also rough to better bond with the sauce.

We call them light (magro in Italian) but we just mean the do not contain meat.

There are many shapes that suits this kind of filling: square, triangle, half-moons, tortelloni or cappelloni

You can serve them with any kind of sauce: vegetables, meat, fish or cheese. But since they are already savoury we usually suggest to serve them in the simplest way: with butter (or oil) and sage or parsley or parmesan cheese.

ravioli quadrati

ravioli a mezza luna


Strozzapreti is the ultimate peasant food. The original recipe included only flour, water and salt. The secret was the craftsmanship of housewives, who patiently rolled pasta stripes with their hands and teared them at the desired length.

In time, some eggs were added to the recipe. But it is still a very simple recipe, that suits rich and savoury sauces: meatsauce, vegetables, sausages or also fish.



Tortellini is a type of pasta inspired from Emilia tradition. The filling is made with cooked meat and it is wrapped in a small square of pasta, that is folded two times and then closed by joining two ends forming a ring around the finger and leaving a straight tip.

They have the shape of an hug but they are also called Venus navel because of they sensual shape.

According to tradition they should be served in broth, but you can use any sauce: butter and parmesan, cream, meat sauce, mushrooms…

Because of their shape they always stay al dente even if you slightly overcook them.


Tortellini a cappello

Tortellini a cappello are inspired from Romagna tradition. The filling is rich and fragrant and wrapped in a small square of pasta that is folded only one time and the two ends are overlapped so that it forms two pointy ends.

These two pointy ends, remind of a traditional priest hat, hence the name (cappello means hat in Italian).

As tortellini they are meant to be served in broth but can be served with any type of broth.

Compared to tortellini they are more tender.

tortellini a cappello