Don't stay with your hands in pocket. Let's get our hands dirty!

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Photo by Gionata Santi

New edition of our cooking classes: Household cooking and Secrets of fresh pasta

Household cooking

This class is open to all: adults and kids, men and women, singles or couples.

Let’s learn together cooking basics.

Let’s understand and cook using vegetables, grains, meat and fish.

Secrets of fresh pasta

Do you have an old rolling pin but you never actually used it? Why don’t you learn making fresh pasta at home?

Let’s discover various kinds of flours and what can be done combining them with eggs, water wine, but also with colorful vegetables.

And this year flour on demand: you can’t find pasta made with you favorite flour? Let’s learn making it yourself with us.

It’s a chance to learn how many wonderful things you can do with your hands.

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